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December 15 2019
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The Colombian city of Barranquilla is located in the northern part of the country, bordering the Caribbean Sea. Discover exotic flavors that will leave your palate ecstatic. In Colombia, the cuisine of each region is unique. With ingredients found in each area of ​​the country. Recipes that come decades ago. The joy and flavor of the Barranquilleros are reflected in each of their dishes.
Sancocho de Guandú
It is inevitable to go to Barranquilla and not try this sancocho. It is the most popular dish in the city. This dish is made with guandú. Salted meat, yam, yucca and ripe banana. It is a combination of sweet and savory. Flavors that explode in your mouth
Boca Chico
This is a fish that lives in river and marshes. The small mouth is stuffed with fried vegetables and is usually wrapped in bijao leaves that gives it a special touch.
Maiz Desgranado
I have not found another city where they prepare this dish with the same seasoning with which the Barranquilleros prepare it. It is a typical meal that takes meat, chicken, chirizo or sausage. Accompanied by clean bun and grated cheese, all this under a layer of hot dog potatoes. If you put pineapple sauce or tartar sauce it will give a delicious touch. This dish is addictive.
Arroz de liza
A meal made from smooth, a fish, various vegetables and condiments, which is usually served inside a cassava leaf. It is a dish that you will find in all corners of the city.
Cassava is not only used as companions in meals. It is also used to make a delicious cake. This dessert is a sample of the mix between indigenous and African cultures. Try it for sure you will love it
I hope you liked this list of dishes you should try. Remember that Barranquilla is not only Carnival. Barranquilla is also gastronomy.