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November 15 2019
Faranda Posts
Colombia is divided into 32 departments. For me there are 32 totally different cultures, each with its charm and beauty. Each department has its own culture, gastronomy, idiosyncrasies. This time we will be learning a little more from the department of Atlántico, whose capital is Barranquilla. But Atlántico is more than the beautiful city of Barranquilla, the department is divided into 23 municipalities. The Atlantians are characterized by their charisma and kindness when it comes to serving their visitors. The department offers incredible sites of tourist interest where visitors can enjoy and learn a little more about the nature, cuisine and culture of this department.
In places like Galapa, Usiacurí and Tubará you can disconnect from the chaos of the city and enjoy nature. Feel the peace and tranquility of the green spaces. Perform activities such as hiking, bird watching, camping and discover the great variety of flora and fauna found in this place. You just need to equip yourself with some good shoes and be prepared for an adventure.
In Usiacurí you would find some water wells with healing properties. There are about 8 grounds where you can visit each of them and one last feel renewed. After relaxing Do not forget to visit the House-Museum of the poet Julio Flórez, crafts. Place where the outstanding romantic poet lived.
In the municipality of Turbara you will find a place called painted stone, perfect for people who are interested in the history of indigenous culture. It is one of the most important sacred places for the indigenous people of the coast in northern Colombia. You have to be prepared since the climb is quite steep and staggered.
Puerto Colombia is another place that you should not miss. You don't have to go to Cartagena to find beaches. In Puerto Colombia, it has its own beaches on the Caribbean Sea. In addition, it has several historical monuments such as the "Salgar Castle" and the "Liberator Pass"
These are some tourist places that you can visit in the department of Atlántico, however the list goes on. Dare and discover all the experiences offered by this department.